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The Lawyer’s Guide to Successful Development Applications, CLE

August 2020 – Partner Jason Tuvel participated in NJICLE’s expert panel on “Land Use Development Applications,” educating fellow attorneys on the complexities of land use law in the State of New Jersey. During the session, attorneys shared the maze of hearings and paperwork and pursuit of approvals for some clients.

Projects may require municipal, county or state approval. Clients rely on the knowledge and preparation of their experienced land use attorneys to lead them through this difficult process. The ability to anticipate roadblocks, understand the timing and the inter-workings of New Jersey planning and zoning boards is how we provide value to our clients.

We are proud to have our Partner Jason Tuvel lend his knowledge and expertise to this education session. For NJICLE members, you can purchase this continuing education on-demand video course at NJICLE.

Topics for discussion include:

  • The Municipal Land Use Law
  • What you need to know before you file a local application
  • Variances
  • Application prep
  • Why notices are so important
  • Board hearing prep-witness preparation; anticipating objector’s arguments; procedures and proofs
  • The Post-Approval Process-Resolution Compliance
  • Effect of Approvals and Vested Rights
  • How to file an appeal of Board decision
  • What to do if an appeal of your approval is filed by a third party
  • Affordable Housing and Redevelopment Issues
  • Environmental Permitting in New Jersey + CAFRA permits
  • How water quality, storm water and threatened and endangered species issues can impact a project
  • Developer Agreements

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