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Prime & Tuvel Partners Leading Virtual Hearings

The Department of Community Affairs, Division of Local and Government Services (DLGS), has issued guidelines that outline means by which boards throughout the State may continue functioning during a declared state of emergency.

Land use boards throughout the State have been functioning remotely during the COVID-19 state of emergency. Prime & Tuvel have been busy managing the intricate procedures which must be followed in order for a local land use board to properly process and consider an application.

(Pictured Jason Tuvel appearing before the Lincoln Park Planning Board, Duncan Prime appearing before the Camden County Planning Board – both in April.)

The partners at Prime & Tuvel have broken down how these guidelines affect you, whether you are a board member, land use applicant, attorney or other professional. Here is a quick guide to the DLGS Guidelines with some helpful tips from Prime & Tuvel. For a more detailed discussion of these guidelines and tips, review our recent post. Should you need help or if you would like to discuss your particular situation, do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced attorneys at Prime & Tuvel.

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