Passion. Vision. Service. People.


Prime & Tuvel is passionate about our work. Passionate about land use, real estate development and transactional law. We carry that passion through everything we do.
Every matter. Every client. Every case.


Our partners have a vision for the future for P&T and for legal services of the future. Our clients have a vision for their commercial or residential real estate development projects. We are dedicated to making these visions come to fruition.


Service of our clients is our firm mantra. Not run of the mill legal advice, but partnership, collaboration and project ownership. Every member of Prime & Tuvel leverages their expertise, time, and talent on behalf of our clients’ matters. We act as quarterbacks to navigate the complexities of the application process, permits and contractor negotiations to get our clients’ approval and ground breaking.


We value our people. Every Prime & Tuvel attorney and staffer is like family. We value our relationships. Relationships with clients, municipal and government employees, surveyors and contractors. Our people and our relationships are the key to our success.